Thank You

Losing Innocence

Thank you for showing me how to live
And not be stuck under someone’s thumb
I thought I was fine with it, I just turned my head
I couldn’t see how compliant I’d become

Thank you for teaching me to be strong
That wasn’t your intention, I know, but I learned
Every time, I was forced to swallow my tears
And hide from you my fear and concern

Thank you for teaching me how to be independent
I had relied on you for way too long, I lost my way
It took you breaking my heart over and over again
For me to realize, in that daily hell, I couldn’t stay

Thank you for treating me the way you did
You made me see what I really wanted in a man
And now I’ve found someone who’s worth my while
You didn’t love me the way I deserved, but he can

I thank him every day for being who he is
He’s not perfect, no, but he’s perfect for me
When he says he’ll never hurt me, I believe him
He’s brought who I really am out for the world to see

I thank him every night for being my safe place
In his arms, my heart can rest and be at ease
I’m not afraid that he’ll find out who I really am,
For he loves my darkness, my light, and everything he sees

I’ll thank him always for being my light in the darkness
He’s the beacon of hope in this endless night
I know he’ll always protect me from harm
And my lost happy ending, he’ll gladly rewrite

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  1. Mr Modigliani says:

    Pleased that you have found what you are looking for. You wrote and crafted this with such tender honesty.

    Liked by 1 person

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