Let’s Have an Adventure

Come fly with me

Let’s have an adventure, my dear
Take my hand, let’s fly far away
We can leave all of our problems behind
While we transform into runaways

Walk with me under the stars in Paris
Kiss me beneath the iron of the Eiffel Tower
Let’s create a perfect moment in a garden,
Dancing and loving while surrounded by flowers

Feel the sun on your skin with me in Tahiti
Run by my side in the sandy paradise
Here, there are no worries, nothing to hold us back
No doubts at all to make us think twice

Let’s hop on a train through Alaska’s wilderness
Hold my hand while we gaze at the snow
These expansive icy planes are awe-inspiring
They hold the same beauty they had years ago

Honey, we can go anywhere and our love will bloom
For our hearts and souls have intertwined
But no matter the places I go, the things that I see,
Your love will always be the greatest treasure I’ll find

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    1. Thank you, my dear!

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