Ode to Bonnie and Clyde

Take me back to those nights
those warm summer nights when you were mine
I didn’t know it then, but I should have held on
for a love like ours, I’ll never again find

We were both so young
so free, innocent and wild
I was in love with your spirit, your fire,
and the way your eyes crinkle when you smile

You were my Clyde, and I was your Bonnie
finding adventures everywhere we went
I tried not to fall too hard for you,
but my heart couldn’t stop it’s quick descent

The way my name sounded off of your lips
was like sunshine, chocolate, and the summer rain
I could have listened you to talk to me forever,
making me fall for you over and over again

You had this smirk, that laugh, those eyes
and you possessed this irresistible charm
I could have spent every day with you
just lying in your warm, secure arms

That summer went too quickly
before I knew it, I was gone
Please take me back to those nights
I want to go back and make our story go on

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