Never Again


Never will I find a love that fits me more than yours
One that excites me, gives me hope, and one I never have to doubt
You’re the path that I’ll follow for the rest of my life, my dear,
You’re the guiding lantern who’s flame I’ll never snuff out

See, you’ve broken down my many walls,
the ones I built around my heart after the most bitter of wars
You opened me up to the possibility of love again,
and allowed me to rest easy and know that I’ll always be yours

We both have had rocky pasts, that’s true
But they prepared us for what we have in the present
There’s no more lying, no more restless nights spent feeling alone
Never again will we have to feel heartache’s cruel torment

You’ve inspired me to be the best person I can be,
and I’ll always be the best person I can be for you
You’ll never have to wonder where my head’s at while I’m by your side,
and you’ll never have to worry about me being untrue

I’ve found the person I want to share everything with, at last
The one I’ll face this life’s struggles and triumphs with hand in hand
I want you by my side to see everything this world contains,
from every colossal mountaintop to every minute grain of sand

So I say again, never will I find a love that fits me more than yours
Never will our hearts stray from this path that we’ve laid
Never again will I hesitate to jump in headfirst, as long as I have you by my side
With you by my side, in my life, and in my heart, never again will I be afraid.

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