Beautiful and Broken

I’m used to biting my tongue,
I’m good at turning my gaze
You can do whatever you want to,
and be rest assured that I’ll stay

I used to live out my days as a machine,
going through the motions,
showing none of my emotions,
just barely getting through the day

Things have changed, that’s true,
I don’t have to protect myself from the demons anymore
But they’re waiting, they’re watching,
seeking the sadness their souls are aching for

I’m finally okay again, why won’t you go away!
Clutching my chest, I can’t breathe out or in
My heart is pounding a staccato rhythm, heavy and uneven
They’re twisting my thoughts and playing mind games again

Panic takes over my body as I fall to my knees
My fists pound the floor, I’m searching for the will to fight
I must defeat these demons, once and for all,
It’s the only way I’ll ever truly be alright

But they’re heavy, they’re dark, and they’re taking over
I’m too weak, I can’t win this brutal fight
Closing my eyes, I concede to the black night,
and once again, the demons have taken control of my soul

One Comment Add yours

  1. willytyme says:

    We all battle them. Nice to have you back.

    Liked by 1 person

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