Just Be Still

stu and jameel black and light 6

Just be still, my darling
Don’t you know that he’s not going anywhere?
He won’t leave you alone like the rest of them
You can count on him to always be there

Just be still, silly girl
He means every word he says to you
He’ll always be on your side, no matter what
No shield you put up is too strong for him to break through

Just be still, pretty girl
They’re not all the same, no matter what you’ve been told
Just because you’ve been burned in the past,
It doesn’t mean that his embrace is a stranglehold

Just be still, love
Let this play out, let your hearts lead the way
Trust in his intentions, his words, and his hopes
Do that, and I promise you that he will stay

Just be still, beautiful
Your past is your past, along with the hurt it holds
Don’t let it taint your future, don’t let it stain your outlook
Just watch and enjoy the happiness that unfolds

One Comment Add yours

  1. rolandlegge says:

    Beautiful poem Nicole! Your poem paints a picture of such great love. Love is so risky, but we can not live without it.

    Liked by 1 person

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