Don’t Bother

Congratulations u Win!!

Don’t bother sending a smile my way
Don’t bother asking your friends about me
Don’t bother calling my house
Caller ID is a wonder
Don’t bother asking to come over
Don’t bother knocking on my door
Don’t bother sneaking closer to me on the couch
I don’t want to get close
Don’t bother holding my hand during the scary parts
Don’t bother letting me lay my head upon your shoulder
Don’t bother kissing my lips softly
I might kiss you back
Don’t bother asking me to be your girlfriend
Don’t bother meeting my family
Don’t bother keeping close eyes on me
I’m not going anywhere
Don’t bother giving me your class ring
Don’t bother taking me to prom
Don’t bother knowing everything about me
I’ll never tell you any lies
Don’t bother telling me you can’t go out tonight
Don’t bother being too busy to walk me to class
Don’t bother hanging out with your ex-girlfriend
I won’t suspect a thing
Don’t bother breaking up with me
Don’t bother feeling sorry for me
Don’t bother breaking my heart
I won’t bother fixing it this time.


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