Don’t Look Back, You Can’t Look Back

Wild soul

With eyes of blue and a crimson pout,
She paints an image of her own design
What she longs to be is what she portrays,
No one will tell her again that she cannot shine

Her hair forms a halo around her glowing skin
There’s mystery hidden inside her cerulean stare
Come on, boy, you know you want to
Try to figure her out, if you dare

Weave through her mind if you can, but be wary
You can get lost in the maze it contains
Be alert, be aware of your steps as you explore,
Just don’t get caught up in her glittering chains

They’ll catch you, they’ll grab you
They’ll pull you down into her heart
Loving a girl like her is always risky, don’t you know
You’ll stay far away from her if you’re smart

Her blue eyes will capture you
They’ll ensnare you like a spiders’ web
The rolling blue oceans they contain
Will trap you with every flow and ebb

And her lips? Oh god, those gloriously red lips
They’re a taste to behold, of that I’m sure
But they contain a poison of the sweetest kind,
One that will keep you hers without a cure

Just watch her as she walks through the room
She can have anyone here, and she’s well aware
But you, my friend, she’s set her sights on you now
You got caught up in her sapphire stare

Don’t look back, it’s too late now, I’m afraid
You’re all hers, and she won’t let you go
You’ve fallen for her beauty, her dangerous stare
You’ve been captured by her lethal, intoxicating glow

One Comment Add yours

  1. rolandlegge says:

    Wow! I think this is one of your best poems. The poem is deep, passionate, and powerful!

    Liked by 1 person

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