She’s on Top of the World

Silent waters

She’s on top of the world, glowing like a star
This world is hers now, she’s stronger than ever
With a titanium heart and unbreakable confidence
That no one could now possibly sever

See, she had to be beaten down to the ground
Pushed so far down, she had nowhere to go but up
But now she’s rising higher than ever before
And finally she’s living the life she’s always dreamt of

Her skin is shimmering, her eyes are glittering
They’re full of promise and the shine of new beginnings
She’s letting her light shine, overtaking her darkness
She’s been tied to it for so long, but now, she’s cutting the strings

It’s freeing, this life, she couldn’t see that before now
It’s time for her to spread her wings and fly into the sun
His love was the catalyst for this confidence, but
No longer will she be held back or pushed down by anyone

He’s shown her that her true self is enough
She doesn’t have to be someone she’s not to be loved
She’s bloomed, she’s blossomed into the perfect rose,
And all her brewing doubts, she will surely rise above

So give her all you’ve got, come at her with everything
She will conquer, she’ll always prevail, no matter what
Just watch, keep an eye on her, and stand in awe
As the future is opening up to her, and the door to the past is shut


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