Locking Out the Lonely


Watch her eyes as she shuts the door
The heavy, restricting door around her heart
She’s locking out the Lonely for good this time
No longer will she let it tear her apart

She refuses to let it cause her any more pain
It won’t take over again, it won’t control her life
She’s not going to let it consume her soul
No longer will she be scared of it’s searing knife

She’s finally fallen in love, and it’s beautiful
He won’t let her down, in his arms, she’ll always stay
In this maze of life she’s been lost inside,
He’s the lantern of hope that’s lighting her way

The Lonely has been chased away by his love
Her heart isn’t in agony any longer
He’s helped to build her back up again,
He’s responsible for making her stronger

With a resounding slam, the door is now shut
There’s no more fear haunting her eyes
She finally has the strength to start anew
In this world of sunsets, she’s found her sunrise

Keep the door shut tight, sweetheart,
Don’t let that vicious Lonely in again
It’s time for you to be happy, with him at your side
It’s time to be loved more than you’ve ever been

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  1. rolandlegge says:

    A beautiful poem about embracing all of life!

    Liked by 1 person

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