Let’s Get Lost

Wedding silhouette

Let’s get lost, my darling
Lost in each other, lost in our own world
Shut out the rest of them and just be
Like renegades, it’s us against them all
You and I, we’re the perfect match,
We can take on anything life throws our way
We’ll bring strength to each others’ weaknesses
And I’ll always pick you up when you fall
Let me hold your heart in mine, love
I won’t let it get hurt, I’ll protect it with my life
I’ll nurture it, help it grow, and guard it from harm
There’s no need to worry with me,
I’ll always be by your side, facing life head on
You never have to be alone anymore
You’ve faced so many obstacles in your past, my dear,
Let me be the one to make your life easier
Let me guide you through these rough waters
I’ll make sure you always have the strength to come out alive
Let me be your beacon in the storm
Let me be your home when you’re weary
Let me scare your demons away, keep them at bay
Let me help you get lost with me

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