Why Don’t You Like Cam Newton?

Cam Dive

This is perfect!! This article took the words right out of my mouth. I’d like to see the people who are complaining about him run as hard as he does and play as tough as he does, and NOT celebrate when they score. It’s his right to, he plays hard, give him some slack!


One of the most highly-criticized and polarizing players across the NFL is Cam Newton. I have one question that I want to ask you, the readers. Why?

Source: Why Don’t You Like Cam Newton?

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  1. I don’t dislike the guy. He had an awesome season and the Carolina Panthers came a very long way. I lost a lot of respect for Cam Newton yesterday when he had a temper tantrum at the press conference.

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    1. You’re right, he handled the press conference in the wrong way after the game, but I can’t really fault him for it. After the incredible season they had, to lose that game would have been a huge blow.

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      1. I can’t imagine what a huge blow that was for Cam and the Panthers, but part of being a great athlete is knowing how to handle a loss.

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      2. Good point. You have to take the losses with the wins. It was a huge blow, I agree, but I think that it will help tremendously in learning what to do and what NOT to do (let off the gas!!) in any game, especially the Super Bowl.

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      3. You’re right! He can use everything he has and put it in full force for next year.

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      4. Let’s hope for a repeat of this season… only without the Super Bowl fiasco 😉


  2. From SB Nation this morning on Cam:

    “Cam Newton is getting torn apart for his one-word answers at the podium after being crushed in the biggest game of his life. Suddenly it seems he has no respect for the game. If he was an old white coach like Bill Belichick or Gregg Popovich it would be hilarious and endearing, but not Newton. He doesn’t get that. Make no mistake: He should have probably stuck around and talked more. That’s part of his job and I get that. However, putting an emotional 26-year-old at a microphone and being asked about the biggest loss of his life minutes after it happened in the same room as a Broncos player preening over how they shut the Panthers down — yeah, that’s bullshit. The media demands on players are utter crap. It’s the 21st century. Stories can still be filed an hour after the game while giving players an appropriate amount of time to dump their adrenaline and be in a better place emotionally. Some players handle losing better than others. Just like how some humans deal with disappointment better.”

    I couldn’t have said it better myself, honestly.


  3. Michael says:

    But I do! Ha! Thanks for the like!

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    1. So do I! He’s a superstar quarterback, and he’s definitely not finished yet, he’ll be back. You’re quite welcome, dear 🙂

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