The Fire’s Glow


Twinkling lights and the clicking of heels
Piano keys resounding around the room
You look around to find a friendly face
And find they’re all shrouded in costume
No matter, you decide with a smile
It’s time to put your heart on the line
Joining the rest of the ladies in single file,
You drown your hesitation in the sweetest wine
Looking around the room, your eyes catch on a stare
He has the greenest gaze you’ve ever seen, for sure
Soft, kissable lips under a black-as-night mask
Promises of ecstasy are lurking in their allure
You blush under your disguise when your gazes meet
Hands smooth your dress, you’ve been caught
Looking away, trying not to stare back,
It’s no use, lovely, your efforts are all for naught
Another drink from your glass, swallow it down
You chance a peek at this beautiful stranger again
And see him staring intently into your baby blues
All your efforts to cover up your curiosity are in vain
Don’t worry, dear, your mask covers your identity
There’s no way he can see through your disguise
Even though he can’t feel your heart thumping in your chest,
He can still see the hunger growing in your eyes
It spurs him to take action, to take that first step
Striding slowly across the room to your side
There’s nowhere to run to anymore, girl
He’s got his sights set on you, you’re out of time to hide
You take in his tux that fits in all the right places
The way he wears it so well isn’t even fair
You back up against the table, but there’s nowhere to go
He’s got you caught, he’s captured you in his snare
The women around you whisper softly
Wondering who this man is coming for
Whose beauty did he find the most appealing?
Who was too wonderful for him to ignore?
Your heart stalls as he stops in front of you
And with a smile, he takes the glass from your hand
Swallowing the rest of it down, he gives you a sexy smirk
Who does he think he is? Who is this man?
Reaching down, he takes your satin-gloved hand in his
He brings it up to his beautiful lips for a kiss
Staring at you with emerald eyes set on fire,
“May I have this dance, Miss?”
Daggers are thrown at you in the other womens’ stares
As you take his proffered hand with curiosity
His touch is soft and indulgent, but commanding
His gaze intriguing and filled with ferocity
The music swells as he leads you onto the floor
It’s rhythms matching your racing heartbeat
His hand sneaks around to settle on your waist
Causing a thrill that nearly knocks you off your feet
Around and around you spin, sapphires staring into emeralds
This dance is like an inferno, gaining intensity as it goes
With the music guiding this passionate tryst
You find yourself captured, enraptured in it’s throes
Fabric swirling around your feet,
Stepping in tandem with the lilting notes
Your vision is centered on his eyes, his lips
The rest of the room is blurred, he has your heart engrossed
He leans down to brush his lips across your neck
Whispering words of want, words of passion
The words slice through your heart’s defenses
He’s the most beautiful, but dangerous assassin
See, he knows what he’s doing, my dear
He’s setting you up to be a pawn in his evil game
He knows he’s got you ensnared in his stare
Caught up in his precariously handsome flame
You’re lost in his arms, caution is thrown to the wind
Get your head back in the game, girl, don’t lose your head
Don’t be another casualty in his vicious plan
Don’t be fooled into his ruse to which you’ve been led
But what if this is real?
What if his intentions are honorable and true?
Your heart is lost in this dance, that’s for sure
But what if you’re not just another woman is his queue?
This feels too right to be doubted
Too blissful not to be the right choice
Enjoy the dance, love, but don’t lose your head
In this swirling, twirling affair, don’t quiet your heart’s voice
As the music begins to fade, you look up into his eyes
In them, you see something new
A glacial iciness as cold as the wind outside
And a sharpness threatening to cut your heart in two
He’s got his dance, now he has you in his crosshairs
You’re caught in the web he’s woven around your arms
With a smirk, he knows that you’re his now
And the evil in his smile sets off alarms
His wicked sneer frightens you to the core
You never should have taken his hand, love
His views of affection and adoration are twisted
They’re what your nightmares are made of
You look around, but no one sees the horror on your face
You’re caught in your own world with this beast
He’s holding your arms to your sides like a steel trap
He enjoys your struggles, on your fear he feasts
Panicking, you try to step away from him
You hear the fabric on your dress tear as he grips it tight
This is not what you wanted, not who you thought he was
You have to get away from him, my dear, you have to fight
Raising your heeled foot, you mash it down onto his shoe
When he cries out, you use the brief reprieve
You struggle out of his iron grasp and turn around
Picking up your skirts, through the crowd you weave
Your eyes are set on the doors
You need to get away from here, far, far away
Don’t look back, darling, just keep running
Keep escaping the terrors, don’t let them in to stay
Everyone is staring at the scared and frantic girl
Whispers and gasps of shock at her desperation
They look, they point, they wonder at her actions
Not knowing she’s running away from a monster and his predation
At last, she finds her way to the towering doors
And pushes her way through into the crisp, evening air
With a sigh of relief, she doubles over and gasps
She let herself get lost again, she didn’t stay alert and aware
In the corner of her eye, she sees a shadow moving
Thinking quickly, she darts around the corner
Her eyes search for a weapon to use as she backs up against the brick
She knows the shadow is the beautiful fiend, the dangerous charmer
Footsteps fall on the pathway
She has to find something, find it quickly!
Eyes falling on a loose stone, she grabs it and clutches it to her chest
If she’s going to do this, she has to do it swiftly
A quick blow to the head, that’s all it’ll take
Then this demon will be eliminated
One more step, then another, and he rounds the corner to face her
The evil in his eyes palpable, he’s more than just agitated
She lunges forward, wielding the stone as a bludgeon
Connecting with his temple, he lets out a loud groan and falls
Dropping the now-bloody stone onto the grass,
She braces herself against the wall
Staring down at him in disgust, she’s delighting in his pain
With a smile, she kicks dust in his face
“You’re a piece of work, sir.
You think I’m done with you? Oh, just you wait.
You’ve fucked with the wrong girl
Those other women in there? They’re all weak.
I’m the one you should be worried about
I sure as hell won’t give you what you seek.”
His moment of surprise gives her an advantage
She strikes again, connecting her heel with his back
Pushing him to the ground so he’s eating the dirt
She glances around, then finds an empty gardening shack
Seizing the opportunity, she grabs him by the back of his collar
Dragging him with both hands, ignoring his protests
He swears you’ll pay for this and calls you everything under the sun
At this you just shake your head and laugh, you’re a woman possessed
You’re obsessed with ridding this world of scum
Starting with this waste of space
When you’re done with him, no one will ever find him
He’ll disappear from this earth without a trace
Shoving open the door with your shoulder,
You drag him across the doorframe
Ignoring his pleas for mercy, you shove him into a corner
He just made this into the most glorious game
See, he’s not going to hurt anyone else, now,
Not the way he was going to hurt her this evening
She’s heard the tales this man has left behind
The stories of him making women his playthings
She meant to attract him to her, it was all a setup
She came here for only one cause
And now that she finally had him in her grasp,
She could ensnare him in her vicious claws
“You deserve this,” she says, as she ties him up with a rope
He’s bound now, he’s not going anywhere
“With all that you’ve done to those poor women,
My dear, you’d better be scared.”
She finds the gasoline in the corner of the shed
Without thinking, she carries it over to where he’s tied
“You’re a monster, and you deserve to burn.”
Then she starts to pour it over his body from side to side
Ignoring his pleas for her to stop,
She reaches into her bra for the matchbook
And takes one and strikes it with a laugh
Relishing every bit of fear in his frantic look
Striking it against the box, it bursts into flames
The light bouncing off of her wicked smile
This will be the last day he can hurt someone
She’ll bring a screeching halt to his reckless lifestyle
He screams out as she drops the flame
It lands in the pool beside him and bursts into light
Her job is done, he can’t hurt anyone ever again
She ignores his cries as she walks out into the night
After adjusting her torn dress, she re-pins her hair
Checking her makeup in the window, she’s ready to go
Head held high, she walks back onto the dance floor
Leaving behind her, the satisfaction of a fire’s glow

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