Mister Villain


How do you do it?
How do you keep a straight face?
You’re never sorry, never ashamed
For you, it’s all about the chase

Once you get what you want, you’re done
You drop her like she’s nothing
But tell me why, in doing that to her,
You feel like you’re really something?

You truly are a piece of work, sir
How would you feel if the roles were reversed?
Instead of putting you ahead of her own needs like she does,
What if she only thought of herself first?

She’s a good girl, that’s true
She’s got a heart of gold and somehow, you’ve won it
But you’ve tarnished the hell out of her love
Her heart may be bruised, but you’ll never crush her spirit

Keep on being the villain you are under your veneer
Keep thinking you’ve got the world deceived
Everyone can see through the god-awful image you project
You’ve been found out, your dirty tricks are falling out of your sleeve

She prays the next girl can stand her own with you
Hopes she has the strength she never possessed
She needs to teach you that love isn’t just a game to play
You don’t have to treat her like the rest

So clean up your act, Mister
Your greasy smile isn’t attractive in the least
No true beauty is ever going to want you
If you continue to be a slimy beast

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