City Lights


gardens of light

Twinkling lights shedding color on your smile
Shimmering tinsel lining the windows
Hand in hand, we walk down the crowded streets
Quietly caught up in the holiday’s throes

This big city has so much for us to see and do
I want to experience it all with you by my side
No plans, no certain destination in mind,
Just enjoying each other, delighting in the ride

Snuggling closer to your warm chest,
There’s never been a more perfect moment than this
Walking through the streets and laughing with you,
My heart soars when you lean in for a swift kiss

This city is ours, my dear, let’s take it by storm
Leave nothing untouched, experience it all
We’ll make memories we can look back on with love
Under the beauty of the lights, I’ll always be your doll

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