Dear Love –

Why do I hide when you come to call?
What is it in me that cowers away?
I know you mean well,
But I’m afraid to let you in
I don’t want to get hurt all over again
I don’t have anything left to shred
You’ve taken all of me
Every last bit
You’ve scarred my heart unrecognizably
I want to experience you in all your glory
Let you take me to places otherwise unknown
But how do I know that when I get there
You won’t disappoint me?
That you won’t let me fall?
You’re a tricky thing, you are
You paint a picture so enticing,
You make promises of perfection and beauty
Only to retract the things you swore to me
I’m left in the wake of all that you’ve put me through
Standing hunched over
Out of breath, mouth agape
Trying to numb my heart from its painful cracks
Letting you in will be the worst mistake I could ever make,
Or it could be the best thing to ever happen
I won’t know which until I take the leap
Catch me when I fall, but don’t let me drop
Inflate my heart with joy, just don’t let it burst
Allow me to be happy, please
Let me have this one simple pleasure
If you do this, I promise not to hide from you anymore
Love, you’ll be my best decision or my worst mistake

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