Can I Keep You?

Can we just stand here for a minute?
How do we stop the hands of time?
Let’s halt the seconds flying past us
Let’s freeze this moment and hold it tight
When you walked down those stairs
Our eyes locked and my heart leapt
You’re a sight to behold, handsome
And you’re the best secret I’ve ever kept
Your bright eyes shining like the stars
Your smile lighting up the darkest night
The way you look directly through my soul,
You see all of me, this has never felt so right
In the recesses of my being, secure and safe
I’ll keep you deep in the corners of my heart
Unable to let you go, please lie down next to me
Snuggle up closely, who cares if this isn’t smart?
You’re my addiction, I have to have you near
I need to see you, to know that you’re okay
I’m addicted to the way you crumble my defenses
My deepest secrets burst forth as my walls give way
How much longer will we keep up this façade?
How much more can we handle until we break?
Why do you have to be so perfect for me?
You’re becoming a dream from which I don’t want to wake
Don’t rouse me
Please don’t force me awake
I could stay in this slumber forever
These dreams of you, I just can’t seem to shake

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