Steps and Missteps

Take a step forward
You’re in the light now, you’re able to be seen
Don’t worry about their watchful eyes
They’ll only judge you silently
Step forward farther
Everyone has you in their sights
Looking down on you with disdain
They only think they know what you’ve done
Step out into the rays of their stares
Show them your every vulnerability
Your every insecurity, every flaw
They can’t do anything but whisper
Two steps headlong, one step back
Eyes boring into your very soul
Appraising the dark corners of your psyche
They only think they know where you’ve been
Step backward, do it quickly
They’ll never see the true you
If they’re stuck on the image in their heads
You’re under their thumbs, locked in, you can’t move
Step away, step far away
You don’t need their vicious scrutiny
You’ve just found yourself, don’t lose yourself now
Free your soul from their gavels and step out alone

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