Live and Let Live

Outside influences everywhere
Pushing me
Pulling me
Prodding me
To where they want me to go
What they want me to do
Who they want me to be
Who are you to tell me that?
What makes you better than me?
What makes you smarter?
What makes you stronger?
How do you know what’s best for me,
When I don’t even know that myself?
I’m learning as I go
Let me be
Let me make my mistakes
They’ll only make me a better person
They’ll teach me what not to do
How to deal with my own crises
How to rely on myself instead of others
I’m not there yet, but trust me…
I’ll get there sooner or later
It’s a journey I have to steer myself on
Advice is greatly appreciated, though
I promise to take it to heart
But I need to make my own errors
That’s the only way I will learn
If I make the right choice, then that’s great
If not, I’m the one to deal with the fallout
Please let me handle myself
I’m still growing
Still forming my own life
Learning to live out my dreams
Life is dealing out its lessons in droves
And I’m soaking it all up like a sponge
Taking everything day by day
Until I learn to fly with my own wings

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