Hold This Light, Crazy Girl

What are you doing, crazy girl?
This can only end in disaster
You’ll see everything go up in flames
Choking on smoke as your heart beats faster
What is your end game in this?
Where do you think you’ll end up?
Certainly not where you want to be, trust me
Living a nightmare you’re scared to death of
Sure, you’re afraid of being alone
Honestly, that’s a common fear
Don’t let that hold you back though, sweetheart
Your future starts now, it starts right here
It’s a difficult balance, that’s true
The scales never seem to be in your favor
Delicately poised to show equilibrium
Be careful, love, for they’re beginning to waver
Two sides of the same personality
Battling one another, the blows never ceasing
Each striving for something diverse
A different high, they both are seeking
Get your act together, young lady
Bathe yourself in a different light, shine so brightly
Clean up your life and begin again
Listen up, don’t you dare take this lightly
I know you’re scared to death
I know you’re afraid of the outcome
But don’t let that chain you to your old ways
You’ll find what you’re looking for, and then some
There’s a light at the end of this long tunnel
Just push forward, you’re sure to reach it
Grasp it with both hands, and when you do, lovely
Don’t let it slip out of your fingers, make sure you keep it

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