Shattered Pieces

Like a finely shattered glass
I’m spread across the floor
Be careful with my pieces, love
They can cut you to the core
Piece me together carefully
Make my edges align just so
My soul is taking its beautiful form
My heart is beginning to show
Your delicate fingers are my safety
In your hands, I can fully rest
I don’t feel like I’m so broken
You love me and my beautiful mess
But the shards continue to sting
The pieces still remain so sharp
Swimming in pain, my blue eyes wince
Until my vision begins to warp
Their bite pierces my skin
Reminding me of my fragility
They drudge, they delve, and they’re digging in
Pushing me beyond my capability
My threshold is overcome
The floodgates are shattered
I can’t take much more of this hurt
My willpower is too battered
Can you handle all of my pieces?
Can you handle every shard?
Will you shy away from my broken soul?
Look over the mess that’s battered and scarred?
Put me back together, love
Make me feel whole once again
Don’t let me bleed out until the end
In your eyes is where my love can begin

3 Comments Add yours

  1. xoovercomer says:

    You’ll be okay love (;

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Opher says:

    Poetry is cathartic. It’ll help. Cheers Opher


    1. You’re right, it definitely does help!


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