Hush, Hush

Sideways glances accompany secret smiles
We’re treading upon a thin line
Speaking in codes, our minds are connected
I have your heart, love, and you hold mine
This dance is truly a sight to behold
Our steps mirroring each other’s strides
Dance with me through the canals of my heart
Follow my lead, handsome, I’ll be your guide
Planned out meetings and stolen kisses
Compose the fabric forming this liaison
My heart races in anticipation, in excitation
Your touch, your look, your mind are the reasons
The reasons why my heart has restarted
The reasons my eyes can see clearly
You’ve turned my world upside down
Don’t right it, though, I love this feeling dearly
You say that you worry about the end
About when this will all come to a head
I say let’s just enjoy each other in the now
Focus on the moment at hand instead
Put your open lips on mine and let them shut
Let me take away your worries, your fear
Lose yourself in me for just a moment
Dance with me, my lovely, it’s just you and I here

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